Important Information - March 23, 2014 - Updated: May 27, 2014

mgcjerry.net has been temporarily taken offline pending my cross country relocation. Services will resume at a later unknown date.

MGCJerry Weather (EW5130) for Marblehead, Ohio - Updated May 27, 2014
      Follow our weather at Findu.
      Follow our weather at Weather Underground.

MGCJerry Weather (DW2669) for Jacksonville, FL has been retired.
      Jacksonville weather data will be archived for viewing.
      All new data will be collected from Marblehead/Lakeside, Ohio permitting installation of hardware.

DJ FireHawk Radio & Request Line.
      Services will be restored at a later date.

Hosted Projects
      2 The Xtreme is still online of course.
      (April 12, 2014) The Angry Mob Lego movie has been cancelled.
      Other hosted sites & test locations will be restored at a later date.

I'll be back online soon...

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