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Viewing Object: "Aedueria" (8)

Viewing Object: "Aedueria" (8)

KeyRaw ValueConversions
id 8
system_id 8
parent_id <empty>
id_string {C8355A7C-D871-42C2-A806-0740B61783F2}
name Aedueria
type_id 1 Star
body_type Brown Dwarf
spectral L 2556°K
distance <empty>
radius 886844.801 886,845 km (1.275× Sol)
density <empty> 0.922 g/cm3
mass 2.6944175E+30 2.694×1030 kg (1.36 × Sol)
rotation <empty>
luminosity 2.8959
albedo <empty>
temp <empty>
atmosphere <empty>
atm_notes <empty>
water <empty>
population <empty>
child_population 650,400
habitability <empty>
child_habitability 1
body_count 4
political_affiliation <empty>
sphere_influence 1
sphere_color 12632256 #C0C0C0     
sphere_size 5
notes <empty>
gm_notes <empty>
color 16777215 #FFFFFF     
label_color 65535 #FFFF00     
font_style <empty>
dso_intensity <empty>
render_distance 30
label_distance 2000
route_distance 1000
visible 1
retrograde_orbit <empty>
eccentricity <empty>
inclination <empty>
angle_ascending_node <empty>
angle_periapsis <empty>
time_offset <empty>
axial_tilt <empty>
orbital_plane_x <empty>
orbital_plane_y <empty>
orbital_plane_z <empty>
orbit_color 16711680 #0000FF     
x 218.102437
y -62.05
z -168.614621
random_seed 322612965
fwe_color_group <empty>
preview_image_file <empty>
blazon_image_file <empty>
blazon_display <empty>
blazon_wrap <empty>
has_atm_comp <empty>
has_fields <empty>
has_sdc <empty>
has_fcg <empty>
model <empty>


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