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Introduction for Dark Crystal world

The following story is an introduction of the Dark Crytal World Thra as it exists in the 2 The Xtreme Universe. This story assumes a basic understanding of the concepts and items covered in the movie.

The Crystal Anomaly

The Crystal CastleAlmost a thousand years ago, Jen and Kira healed the Dark Crystal bringing harmony to their world after a thousand years of chaos when the Skeksis ruled the Crystal Castle. This event is well known through Gelfling history. However, the healing of the Crystal created an anomaly that was detected by a nearby space faring sentient race, the Reniacs.

Despite the curiosity of the Reniacs, there was no hurry to investigate this anomaly, as it appeared an anomaly occurs every thousand years in that location. It took the Reniacs several years to arrive at the Thra System in the Holsen Galaxy a few years before the next thousand-year event in hopes of seeing what the event is. The Reniacs arrival in the Thra System did not remain undetected as the now recovering Gelfling race now uses their source of power-The Crystal to see what is occurring in their world. The Crystal showed the Gelflings the arrival of some unknown object onto their planet. Learning from the events of Jen and Kira, who healed the crystal and documented the healing. The current Queen and King were reminded of the Skeksis history and as a precaution ordered that everyone hide in the labyrinth of the Castle. Despite the risks, The Queen and king remained at the throne room to monitor the progress of this disturbance. They soon realized that this disturbance is heading straight toward the Crystal castle, and to save themselves decided they should hide as well.

Soon, the sound of a roaring engine was heard above the castle as the alien craft found an acceptable landing location. Thankfully the Gelflings remained hidden throughout the land so they could not see the hideous creatures exit the spacecraft. Standing about eight feet tall, was this leather skinned three legged ostrich with tentacle arms instead of wings with a long tentacle like neck with two bulbous eyes and a an aardvark like snout. A group of five of them then started toward the castle carrying what looked like bags. Inside the castle, many Gelflings watched in horror as a handful of Gelflings were captured once they were spotted in poor hiding places. Being reminded of the Garthim, the Gelflings charged and attacked several of the creatures killing them fairly easily, but the creatures with the captured Gelflings fled the castle and boarded their ship and promptly departed Thra in a brilliant streak of orange light.

Two years have passed since the raid, and the Gelflings are still very much horrified of what had occurred and sought to make sure the Crystal remained in good health. After much chanting, singing, dreamfasting and consultation with Aughra, the Crystal was indeed in good health. A new evil has crept upon the Gelflings. An evil that transcends the capabilities of the Gelflings and comes from the heavens and has once again plunged the Gelflings into fear...

To fuel the fears, another disturbance was seen through the crystal which caused the immediate withdraw of all Gelflings from the castle into the outlying wilderness. Unknown to the Gelflings, this disturbance is not hostile, but more of curiosity by the Phayon race from the Phaygon System. Upon landing of the Phayon craft, the Gelflings immediately attacked the Phayons in which the Phayons returned fire with horrifying results. Hundreds of Gelflings lay dying around the Phayon craft, in which the Phayons now donning body armor goes and collects the injured and some of the dead. In the confusion of the firefight, one lone Phayon Citizen was accidentally left once the Phayon craft left Thra. Protocol of the Phayons requires that anyone who may be left on a hostile world, remains there to protect the safety of the other people on board so, this Phayon is now what could be a permanent resident of Thra. This new evil perceived by the Gelflings, does not appear to be evil and has shown no hostility toward the Gelflings. Despite the Phayons peaceful existence on Thra, the Gelflings want him off Thra.

After a number of months, the Phayon slowly started to get ill and homesick in which the Gelflings were able to sense. Seeing what could be an opportunity to reconcile with the Phayon, the Gelflings decided to take a chance to see if they could help this person, so this person could help them with the first evil they've encountered. After all, both races came from the heavens and this one left behind "creature from the heavens" could be a key to their survival and possibly a higher level of existence.

The Gelflings helped bring this Phayon back to health and made themselves and after much working with this Phayon, taught the Phayon how to dreamfast in which he shared his memories, visions and thoughts with the Gelflings. Gelflings soon learned they are not alone, and that there are many other creatures present though out the heavens. The Gelflings also learned that the Phayons were here to learn and explore, not kill and capture. One of many lessons that must be learned when running into other creatures of the heavens and it now seems that this is not the last visit the Gelflings will get... Thra is no longer just the Gelflings home, but their sanctuary in a universe full of hate and violence. The Gelflings now wonder if the Kira & Jens quest to heal the Crystal was in vain...

In another year, a Great Conjunction is at hand.

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Written by MGCJerry
This work is fan fiction based on the Dark Crystal world by the Jim Henson Company
"The Dark Crystal" world which is property of the Jim Henson Company, Inc.