2 The Xtreme Super Clusters (Superstrings)

These are the following Super Clusters present in 2 The Xtreme.

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This table lists the superstrings present. The "Distance To" is in millions of parsecs (pc). 1pc = 3.26 light years.

Distance To (in millions)
Superstring Name Andromeda Crayson Faltisal Gratisy Mozol Plavis Qael Reazal Yartia
Andromeda -- 125,538,843 92,195,447 112,587,744 118,118,579 60,166,437 70,682,385 144,055,542 37,202,515
Crayson 125,538,843 -- 38,209,946 40,049,969 65,604,877 69,310,895 78,003,300 76,941,534 88,204,309
Faltisal 92,195,447 38,209,946 -- 53,814,496 46,173,587 456,070,160 40,199,503 97,836,597 56,603,888
Gratisy 112,587,744 40,049,969 53,814,496 -- 96,519,427 52,611,786 89,442,719 44,045,432 88,204,309
Mozol 118,118,579 65,604,877 46,173,587 96,519,427 -- 88,022,723 47,707,443 139,312,598 81,437,091
Plavis 60,166,437 69,310,895 456,070,160 52,611,786 88,022,723 -- 55,569,775 88,294,958 38,626,416
Qael 70,682,385 78,003,300 40,199,503 89,442,719 47,707,443 55,569,775 -- 132,740,344 34,928,497
Reazal 144,055,542 76,941,534 97,836,597 44,045,432 139,312,598 88,294,958 132,740,344 -- 126,649,121
Yartia 37,202,515 88,204,309 56,603,888 88,204,309 81,437,091 38,626,416 34,928,497 126,649,121 --

Here are the discovered and known items in those areas. systems are listed in order of population density. Bold race names indicates the system is their homeworld.


Center Located at 0.0H, 0.0N, 0.0G
Major Populated Galaxys \ Systems Specialties Sentient Races
Catastaria \ Catastaria Gateway Interdimensional Gateway Catastaria
Selena Galaxy \ Adroth Wormhole Water Elemental, Water Living, Construction, Wormholes Adrothian, Sarian
Selena Galaxy \ ADS Cygni System Magic Elements, Technological, Trade, Entertainment Phayon, Helfin, Quizorthian, Smalloid
Milky Way Galaxy \ Sol System Religion, Technological, Military, Territory, Entertainment Human, Phayon
Grayban Galaxy \ Fenal System Energy Collection, Rifts, Jump Holes Fenalician
Ordon Galaxy \ Cell System Space Flight, Art, Rift Travel Floppin
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Center Located at -1062.302H, 637.114N, -210.540G
Major Populated Galaxys \ Systems Specialties Sentient Races
Phaygon Galaxy \ Phaygon System Military, Industrial, Trade, Religion Phayon
Holsen Galaxy \ Fray System Industrial, Military, Religion Phayon, Helflin, Human
Xerat Galaxy \ Joll System Criminal, Trade, Military, Industrial Phayon, Human
Jade Galaxy \ Gordon System Slave Trade, Industrial, Military, Criminal Phayon, Human
Holsen Galaxy \ Thra System* Family, Arts & Entertainment, Medicine Gelfling, Podling
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Center Located at -710.365H, 579.655N, 398.325G
Major Populated Galaxys \ Systems Specialties Sentient Races
Sa T'atal Galaxy \ T'atal System Biomechanical Engineering, Trade, Science Phayon, Human
Crete Galaxy \ Sara System Military, Curses, Territory, History Human
Ras Atal Galaxy \ Reys System Military, History, Science, Healing, Repair Phayon, Human
Amerius Galaxy \ Washton System Entertainment, Trade, Astronomy Human
Crete Galaxy \ Seer System Astrophysics, Rifts, Folding Space Human, Phayon, Solart
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Center Located at -1137H, 202.151N, -13.66G
Major Populated Galaxys \ Systems Specialties Sentient Races
Radial Galaxy \ Yulis System Natural Sciences, Family, Trade, Industrial Phayon, Human, Helfin
Radial Galaxy \ Utarala System Family, Arts & Entertainment, Trade, Repair Phayon, Helfin, Smalloid
Sagit Galaxy \ Janea System Trade, Family, Arts & Entertainment, Repair Helfin, Phayon
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Center Located at -567.787H, 1098.211N, -31.03G
Major Populated Galaxys \ Systems Specialties Sentient Races
Kalideo Galaxy \ Renia System Natural Survival, Personal Combat Reniacs
Soro Galaxy \ Laby System Personal Combat, Trade, Repair Reniacs
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Center Located at-864.124H, 177.541N, 112.652G
Major Populated Galaxys \ Systems Specialties Sentient Races
Sucazol Galaxy \ Drowz System Astrophysics, Trade, Science, Medicine Human, Phayon, Helfin, At'jax
Breen Galaxy \ Calas System Geology, Science, Slave Trade Human, Phayon
Phayge Galaxy \ Sorner System Terraformation, Mining, Recovery, Trade Phayon, At'jax
Mercury Galaxy \ Earth System Isolationalism, Recovery, Mining, Technology Human
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Center Located at -287.556H, 632.252N, 250.3G
Major Populated Galaxys \ Systems Specialties Sentient Races
Retacolius Galaxy \ Solartra System Industrial, Slave Trade, Military Solart, Reniacs, Phayon
Cyastacal Galaxy \ Renias 2 Slave Trade, Family, Arts & Entertainment Reniacs, Phayon
Brea'Qael Galaxy \ Servus'Alta System Family, Military, Technological, Slave Trade, Trade Alta'holo, Reniacs, Phayon
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Center Located at -1463.201H, -36.501N, 20.126G
Major Populated Galaxys \ Systems Specialties Sentient Races
Ostuak Galaxy \ Grada System Astrophysics, Family, Magic Elementals, Curses Alta'holo, Helfin
Zeraxtul Galaxy \ Halifax System Family, Arts & Entertainment, Trade Reniacs, Human
Solterra Galaxy \ Terra System Magic Elementals, Curses, Technological, Trade Human
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Center Located at -216.521H, 261.299N, 48.325G
Major Populated Galaxys \ Systems Specialties Sentient Races
Yartis Galaxy \ Forvox System Trade, Construction, Healing Phayon, Helfin, Adrothian, Quizorthian, Human, Sarian
Zartis Galaxy \ Kronea System Industrial, Trade, Entertainment, Repair Helfin, Phayon, Human
Yartis Galaxy \ Sada System Trade, Diplomacy, Construction, Repair Helfin, Phayon, Quizorthian, Adrothian, Smalloid
At'jax Galaxy \ At'jax System Trade, Entertainment, Military At'jax, Helfin, Quizorthian, Fenalician, Smalloid
At'jax Galaxy \ Berfa System Trade, Military, Construction, Repair At'jax, Fenalician, Smalloid
Remote Galaxy \ AS1 System Trade, Repair Phayon, Helfin, Smalloid
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* The "Thra" System is based on a fan-fiction adaptions of "The Dark Crystal"
"The Dark Crystal" world which is property of the Jim Henson Company, Inc.

All other systems are property of 2 The Xtreme RPG
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