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Characters Database : Minor Story Characters

Viewing characters by specified category: Minor Story Characters. There are 16 characters in this category.

These characters only have minor plot hooks, or will likely be encountered in one manner or another. Characters that have been recycled can be found here as well. These characters can become major NPCs depending on the campaign's progression.

Canvidis Hans
Canvidis Hans

Kryth Olz
Kryth Olz

Lewie Da'ann
Lewie Da'ann

Minestell Danellius
Minestell Danellius
"Michelle Death"

Questia Sarexiz
Questia Sarexiz
"Questia Sarexiz"

Razel Akram
Razel Akram
"Razel Akram"

Sadel Hysa
Sadel Hysa

Saul Hysa
Saul Hysa
"Soul Hysa"

Verdé Hysa
Verdé Hysa
"Verdé Hysa"

"The Zigg"

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