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Col. Jackson Black - Col. J. Black
Category: Characters Database | Main Story Characters

Created by: GM-Alex | GM-Alex's Characters
2 The Xtreme
2 The Xtreme (2139)

Vitals Box
Character ID: 10
B420-20092-16-S131 PHAY-1
Non Player Character (NPC)
Col. Jackson Black - Col. J. Black Col. Jackson Black - Col. J. Black
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Birth Name Col. Jackson Black
Alias Col. J. Black
Callsign Col-Qz1
Race Sivadfej
Gender Male
Born Monday, February 16, 2009
Died -
Age 130 (Adult)
Homeworld Phayon
Residence Phayon
Languages English, Quizorthian, Ozar & Helfin
Height 6', 5" (2 m)
Weight 248.7 lb (112.8 kg)
Build Muscular
Skin Brown
Hair None
Eyes Brown
Clothing Phayon Military Uniform
Affiliation Axis
Occupation Fleet Admiral
Status Single
Spouse None
Parents Not Available
Siblings None
Children None
Friends Phayons
Enemies Quizorthians, Adrothians and most other garbage in Selena
Analysis [ Personality Analysis ]
Sexuality Straight
Hobbies War simulations & military planning
Fav Colors Green, Black & White
Fav Food Variety
Fav Music Hip-hop



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Appearance & Personal Style

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Personal Life & Relationships


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Personal History

Jackson grew up in a strict military family with great honor and spent his whole childhood preparing for serice in the Phayon Space Command. He aspired to be a ship commander but through hard work and determination managed to attain his desired rank by the time he was in his mid 40s. A position where most Phayons are in their 60s.

Family History

Jackson's parents are both retired fleet commanders of the Phayon Space Command and are highly respected throughout military circles, and even mentioned in respectful whispers by other races.

Additional Information

Mr. Black's Comments

If you are not Phayon or Human, you are garbage and will be purged.

GM-Alex's Comments

He is the Fleet Commander who was responsible for the miltary invasion and landing on Quizorthia during the Isicander Wars as was in charge of daily space security around the outpost.

Out of Character Information (OOC)

Col. Black controls and directs much of the Phayon military fleet present around Selena. Despite his high rank he still gets down to the grime of the grunt work and frequently joins the ranks of those under his command.

Jackson expects respect from everyone, and if he is shown any respect, he will return the gesture even if they are enemies. Truely an honorable, formidable ally, or enemy.

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