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Lizeraciz Arthisicus - FireHawk
Category: Characters Database | Old Player Characters

Created by: GM-Alex | GM-Alex's Characters
2 The Xtreme
2 The Xtreme (2139)

Vitals Box
Character ID: 25
A632-203011-30-S650 ADRO-1
Player Character (PC)
Lizeraciz Arthisicus - FireHawk Lizeraciz Arthisicus - FireHawk
Birth Name Lizeraciz Arthisicus
liz·er·a·kiss are·this·uh·cuss
Alias FireHawk
Callsign Hawk-5
Race Sarian
Gender Male
Born Saturday, November 30, 2030
Died -
Age 109 (Young Adult)
Homeworld Adrothia
Residence Adrothia
Languages Adroth, Quizorthian, Westak, Boro & Helfin
Height 7', 8" (2 m)
Weight 432.7 lb (196.3 kg)
Build Not Available
Skin White w/ Blue splotches
Hair Black /w White streaks
Eyes Blue
Clothing Whatever is available, but mostly an Adrothian robe or whatever fits the occasion.
Affiliation Resistance Fighter
Occupation Resistance Fighter & Freelance Spacecraft Designer
Status Dating Sadel Hysa
Spouse None
Parents Not Available
Siblings None
Children None
Friends Allies, Bounty Hunters, Resistance Fighters, & Independents
Enemies Axis and their allies
Analysis [ Personality Analysis ]
Sexuality Straight
Hobbies Desiging Weapons, Computers, Ships, & Strengthening his magic skills.
Fav Colors Black, Red, & Orange
Fav Food Lasagna, & Pizza
Fav Music Death Metal, Pop, Rock, R&B, & Hard Rock



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Appearance & Personal Style

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Personal Life & Relationships


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Personal History

Lizeraciz is better known as FireHawk and has amassed a following to destroy the Axis powers. He was a member of the Allied and has now become a Resistance Fighter and fights to restore freedom to the universe and to protect his friends.

Family History

No intermediate family history is available. Lizeraciz Arthisicus was abandon at birth due to his abnormal Adrothian appearances and weird abilities.

Additional Information

Mr. Arthisicus's Comments

You need something?

GM-Alex's Comments

Full name is Lizeraciz Sakiryia Arthisicus

Out of Character Information (OOC)

Became Saiiforce Guardian
Learned to communicate with computers

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