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Michelle Mangle - Mangler
Category: Characters Database | Work in Progress

Created by: MGCJerry | MGCJerry's Characters
Character Sheet: View / Print
2 The Xtreme
Campaign: None

Character Vitals
Birthname: Michelle Mangle
Nickname: Mangler
Campaign (Year): None ( 2139 )
Callsign: Mangler-90
Race: Human (See all Humans)
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Jadel
Currently Resides: Quizorthia
Date of Birth: Monday, February 23, 2093 6:30 pm (Adult - 46 Years old)
Date of Death: Still Alive
Alignment: Axis
Marital status: Single - Looking
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Photos Michelle Mangle - Mangler
Non Player Character
Michelle Mangle - Mangler
H550-M524M240 2X6F6F8689

Physical Appearance
Height: 5', 3" (1.60 m)
Weight: 119.56 lb (54.22 kg)
Body Build: Petite
Skin: Tan
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Detailed Clothing Description:
Floral print Skirts, blouses & dresses
General Information
Occupation: Freelancer
Hobbies: Reading & writing
Allies: Nobody
Enemies: Dead people
Fav. Colors: Blue & Purple
Fav. Food: Red meat
Fav. Music: Rock
Languages: Not Available

Background info for Michelle Mangle
• Personal Background
When Michelle was only 7 years old, she suffered a serious head injury after she was pushed down a flight of stairs at school. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia and on occasion lashed out at people near her. This behavior resulted in her spending the rest of her childhood in mental wards reading books and writing down her experiences.

One day however, another patient was instigating Michelle, and she ended up using her brush and attacked the other patient leaving them blind and with head trauma and also ended paralyzing them. She was then locked into the high-risk ward where she spent the rest of her teen years. She was then given the nickname "Michelle Mangle" around the ward.

Once treatment became better and when Michelle was 23, she was released from the institution and was placed on assistance for disabled people, placed on a watch list and given 15 years probation and could not leave the planet Phayon. Her isolation has also left her mostly cold hearted and single and she has never been in a relationship of any kind, but "wouldn't mind trying it to see what all the talk is about".

Michelle fled Phayon when she was 26 and never looked back. Michelle now barely makes her living by taking odd jobs that keeps her away from other people in effort to keep herself and others away from her now uncontrolled outbursts.

• Family Background
Michelle was born into a typical human family on Jadell until one fateful school day when she was maliciously pushed down a flight of stairs resulting in a serious life altering injury.

Once Michelle was institutionalized, she had little interaction with her parents until Michelle attacked another patient in which her parents disowned Michelle and she became property of the state.

• Family Relation
Not Available

Additional Info
• Michelle's Comments

• MGCJerry's Comments

• (OOC) Out of Character Information
Suffers from mild clinical schizophrenia.

3D/CG Assets used to assemble this character.
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