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Layon Zero - Purple Haze
Category: Characters Database | Old Player Characters

Created by: Unknown | Unknown's Characters
2 The Xtreme
2 The Xtreme (2139)

Vitals Box
Character ID: 74
Z600-21071-21-Q263 QUIZ-1
Player Character (PC)
Layon Zero - Purple Haze Layon Zero - Purple Haze
Birth Name Layon Zero
Alias Purple Haze
Callsign Haze-000
Race Quizorthian
Gender Male
Born Friday Jan 21, 2107
Died -
Age 32 (Child)
Homeworld Quizorthia
Residence Quizorthia
Languages Quizorthian, Ozar, English & French
Height 5', 10" (2 m)
Weight 136.7 lb (62.0 kg)
Build Not Available
Skin White
Hair Straight mid-back Silvery Purple
Eyes Silvery Purple
Clothing Not Available
Affiliation Resistance Fighter
Occupation None
Status Widower
Spouse None
Parents Not Available
Siblings None
Children None
Friends None
Enemies None
Analysis [ Personality Analysis ]
Sexuality Straight
Hobbies None
Fav Colors None
Fav Food None
Fav Music None



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Family History

Planet Quizorthia has been since memorial times home to one of the most advanced and wise civilization in this Galaxy. However, Quizorthians, much like every other race in the Galaxy, are quite different one from another just like you are different from me, and we are different from someone else. It is this particular trait in sentient life, this differentiation that carries on from father to son and amongst siblings, that gave birth to perhaps one of a handful of small populations of Quizorthians that having split from their cousins to live in isolation, found themselves living another life and walking another path, different from that of the majority of the race.

About a thousand years ago, a small group of believers left the capital city of Arthitarius and traveled far away into the great planet to establish a settlement that in honor to the Sage leading the exodus would be called "Magda". Magdarians, as they started calling themselves were self proclaimed Prophets of an Ancient Religion discovered within underground ruins in the prosperous planet. While most Quizorthians believed these newly found prophecies and laws work of civilizations that secretively had tried to establish in the planet but failed, the findings were disregarded and the Kavark remained as the one true faith. But there were those who saw in the found writings a new truth and with it a legacy of humble servitude to those who once ruled the Galaxy and whose fore-coming had been announced before Quizorthians had memory. With the establishing of Magda a new order overcame the Quizorthians living there, and following the new guidelines they continued their progress in the magical and spiritual arts that their race had so well cultured throughout their history.

However, these people had a very particular view on magic, while their former brothers trained magics to aid their everyday life, promoting balance, order and the sensible use of another tool to carry on with their life, Magdarians believed magic to be not a tool but a mean to train and culture their own physical and spiritual prowess, through knowledge, skill and discipline Magdarians approached magic as something that needed to be mastered in order to do without it. Indeed, magic was an impediment to self improvement and spiritual growth, by forgoing its use as much as possible one would prove true mastery not only over magic but over oneself. This is the philosophy that lead to the founding of the society who would later on receive the favor of the coming ones.

For over nine centuries Magdarians evolved like the rest of the Quizorthians but being a small population with no contact with other people slowed their technological development and soon the spiritual lifestyle took over degrading Magdarian's technology to a medieval extent. All skills were valued inside Magdarian society and war skills were not the least trained, however, Magic was always studied for the very purpose of studying it and find applications for it in every other area while still never using it for such purposes whenever possible and in time, they developed a close minded approach looking down on anyone using magic for petty tasks. Among their traditions one that entitled the most respect was the Lothringian Knight selection. Every generation, a young determined Magdarian was chosen to become a Magdalene's personal student and guard, protecting her during her walks and wilderness study while learning the most jealously guarded secrets of Magic and Swordsmanship. Only one Lothringian Knight could exist at a time and only when the former Knight laid down its sword a new one could be appointed after passing its predecessor's imposed test. One young candidate is the main center of our story, but I'm getting ahead of myself, let me first introduce this person.

It was one peaceful night of autumn, Sage Magdalene Zero was walking

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