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Asceades Scimeca - Asceades
Category: Characters Database | Old Player Characters

Created by: Mike | Mike's Characters
2 The Xtreme
2 The Xtreme (2139)

Vitals Box
Character ID: 75
S520-212010-13-H550 EART-1
Player Character (PC)
Asceades Scimeca - Asceades Asceades Scimeca - Asceades
Birth Name Asceades Scimeca
Alias Asceades
Callsign AS-87
Race Human
Gender Male
Born October 13, 2120
Died -
Age 19 (Adolecent)
Homeworld Earth
Residence Earth
Languages English, French & Spanish
Height 5', 11" (2 m)
Weight 189.0 lb (85.7 kg)
Build Not Available
Skin Peach Tan
Hair Bald
Eyes Blue
Clothing Scruffy, bland colours, practical clothing with a chunky spiked belt.
Affiliation Resistance Fighter
Occupation None
Status Single
Spouse None
Parents Not Available
Siblings None
Children None
Friends None
Enemies None
Analysis [ Personality Analysis ]
Sexuality None
Hobbies None
Fav Colors None
Fav Food None
Fav Music None



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Appearance & Personal Style

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Personal Life & Relationships


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Personal History

Asceades doesn't have many friends and never has really but he doesn't seem to get into fights or on the wrong side of people, more of a loner. He was brought up on Earth and has lived there all his life, currently working in a spacecraft garage for mostly stolen ships that he re-models and uses himself.

Family History

Asceades lives with his widowed human mother as his father was killed by a bounty hunter on accident so he has a vengeance for bounty hunters and a dislike for people who hire them. His mother works in a cafe for long hours and low wages and they live in today's equivalents of slums.

Additional Information

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Out of Character Information (OOC)


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