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2 The Xtreme - Magic Directory

Welcome to the Magic information area. There are 128 items in 10 categories.

Magic Database
128 entries

Magic Calls
10 entries

Various utilities to enhance your usage of magic. These are "stackable" with each other and can be stacked with some other spells and/or curses.

Magic Fields
10 entries

These are the various magic fields that are used to draw power from. Not all spells listed are available in every field and some other spells and abilities can only be found in a specific field.

Basic Spells
9 entries

These are the standard spells found throughout the universe. All of the starting spells can be found here.

Advanced Spells
33 entries

Advanced spells that are not commonly available and must be acquired individually or have prerequsites.

Astral Elements
2 entries

Things that seem to straddle the line of physical reality and the unknown. These are the core elements that make the universe exist the way it does.

Physical Elements
4 entries

The basic building blocks that are used to physically hold the universe together. Without any of these, the universe would not physically exist.

Spiritual Elements
4 entries

These make up the core of life itself as well as spiritual energy. Understanding these are the keys to understanding the "Order of Life and Magic", which is the doorway to understanding the universe and life itself.

Unique Spells
24 entries

These spells are only available to specific races or characters.

Rare Effects
20 entries

These items are incredibly rare. These are not commonly seen used. These are typically tied to specific characters of a specific race after certain events.

11 entries

These items leave lasting effects on the target(s). Typically negative, but they can range from annoying to obscenely dangerous. Curses are regarded as rare.

2 The Xtreme - Magic

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