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Magic Database
Arcadia Field

Developed by Melissa Arcadia during her childhood while growing up influcnced by Quizorthian lifestyle.

Azoria Field

Field developed by Quizorthian Race God Azoria for Quizorthians in the City of Azoria. (Quizorthians only)

Azorian Field

Field developed by Quizorthian Race God Azoria for her people in the City of Azoria. (All Races ok)

Catastaria Field

Catastaria Towers Field. Default field accessable/useable by all races.

Editavia Field

Developed and used exclusvely by HUNTERS in highest secrecy. Used in their personal weapons.

Favix Field

Developed by Dr J Isican during the Isicander Wars. Defunct project.

Gorviskyta Field

Developed by Mecha during the Selena Raids during the Isicander Wars.

Hysaria Field

Developed back in primitive times (AC 340,000) by Adrothians for a specific clan.

Mazon Field

Used *exclusvely* by Overworld Operatives.

Tavon Field

Used *exclusvely* by the Fenalician race.

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