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Magic Database

Allows the user to alter the change of a body they have neural control over.

Call of Judgment

Used only by Overworld Sentinels to end a "Master Race&aposls" reign and allows another society/race to become dominant.

Celestial Rain

Allows the user to call upon the cosmos to rain objects from above down to the ground below causing extensive damage and loss of life.

Continental Divide

Saiiforce Blade induced effect that separates time and space creating a void that can be projected. (AoE)

Creeper Unbound

Allows you to summon spirits to assist you for the time being in your task.

Elemental Construct

Energy based construction using magic energy to create the necessary materials for building.


Allows the user to pull the target(s) from a spell and/or curse making use of Bind.

Fenalician Astropulse

Fenalician "ray" based magic ability that allows the caster to interact with objects such as buttons, & levers. The pulsed "ray" acts as an extension of them.

General Locking

A rare spell that applies a magic based lock to yourself.


An infallible spell used to determine the target(s) energy alignment along with their Karma.

Necro Resurrection

Allows the user to call upon local spirits and/or ghosts to bring the recently dead back to life in the bodies of the very recently deceased.


Caster fires an invisable beam that incinerates non-living objects and/or only target.

Parasitic Latch

Much like "Latch", but this curse only allows information to go to the user.

Particle Accelerate

Accellerates particles to critical mass causing a nuclear reaction to occur.

Particle Decelerate

Decellerates particles to absolute zero.


Bring target(s) back from their passing with no after-effects of death present.


Base call to summon an entity.


Allows caster to physically manipulate nearby items as if they did it themselves. (AoE)


Similar to teleport, but sets velocity, direction, etc to what caster specifies.


Allows you to change target to a different race, in which they can transform back to their original form at their whim.

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