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Homo gelfling
Gelfling Quick Summary:
Gelflings are short elf-like beings only seen on Thra, but rumors exist of Gelfling slaves. Female Gelflings have butterfly-like wings that can be folded to fit easily under normal clothing. These wings can be used to slow a long fall to allow for a safe landing, even with the added weight of a second gelfling holding onto the first. Gelflings can speak in the languages of animals on their homeworld Thra and upon physical contact with one another Gelfling can share thoughts, memories, and feelings via touch called Dreamfasting.

Visitor Alerts:
Attacked a peaceful planetary research crew upon landing.
This information was provided by Phayons, and this data is disputed by the Reniacs.
Homo pandorus
Na'vi Quick Summary:
A tall cyan colored race of bipedal humanoid creatures who are easily over 9 feet (3 m) tall. They have several feline features including ears, tails and eyes. Na'vi are very protective over their territories and will kill to protect their territory. They are capable of communicating on a nervous level to other animals on their homeworld Pandora using a ponytail like appendage.

Visitor Alerts:
Hostile to Humans.
This information was provided by Humans, and is pending a review based on complaints from the Reniacs about this report.

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