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Species: Not Available
Category: Races Database | Special Races

Created by: GCMatt
2 The Xtreme

Smalloid Overview
• Summary
A very primitive looking and underestimated race. Smalloid's origins are unknown, but ther master expertise, and size make them invaluable for in-flight repairs in exchange for seeing the universe. Smalloids swarm in numbers that can easily overwhelm thier victims, but they dont attack unless provoked.

• Physical Description
Smalloids are freakish little creatures that are seen in small groups of about three or four, but they will usually join up to groups as large as several thousand when necessary. They are usually black with big feet, but no arms. They are extremely agile and quick. Despite them having no arms they are formidable race. Smalloids are about one foot to three feet high. Most have red eyes, For the most part, Smalloids can live to be 140 years of age.

Smalloid Lifestyle
• Personality
Smalloid lifestyle is very dynamic, and it varies with what they are doing, and their location.

Smalloids like keeping in good understanding of all races, provided the other races can overlook the Smalloids appearance. It is more likely that a Smalloid will approach you and ask if you would them to accompany you in exchange for help.

Smalloids generally have short attention spans unless they are working for a common goal in which they can be relentless till their objective is complete. Smalloids like helping other races in exchange for knowledge. Most spend their time repairing spacecraft, manufacturing, and general labor. They do this to help themselves to develop, and learn new things.

• Family & Society
Not Available

• Religion
Nothing is known about Smalloid Religion.

• Fashion

• Cuisine
Photos Smalloid

Species Type:
Sentient bipedal

Not Available
PAO-ID (-)

Also Inhabits:
View Details
• Azkulto-Exolirtso
• Helfin
• Quizorthia

Advanced Details:
Life span, age groups, etc.
[ View Data ]

Common Languages:
• Smalloids can speak many languages due to their interaction with many races. Odds are in your favor if you see a Smalloid
• you will be able to communicate easily with them.

Not Available

Visitor Alerts:

Favored Classes:
Not Available

Major Clans/Groups:
Not Available

Special Skills:
• Have the abitly to repair the highest level of technology at a whime

Common Magic:
• Spacewalk
Space breath

Characters: (0)

Smalloid Arts & Entertainment
• Visual Arts

• Performing Arts
ShakeSphere (horrbile at it)

• Literature

• Architecture

• Sports
Woech (a mix of football and deathmatch )

Smalloid History
• History Overview
Smalloids were genetically created by an extinct race that flourished many generations ago, and their cause is unknown.

• Historic Milestones
Not Available

• Historic Individuals
Not Available

• Evolutionary Notes

Smalloid Other/Misc
• Trivia
Not Available

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Added: February 15, 2002
Edited: November 12, 2015

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