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2 The Xtreme - Races

Species: Homo gelfling
Category: Races Database | Crossover Races

Created by: Jim Henson
The Dark Crystal Addon

Gelfling Overview
• Summary
Gelflings are short elf-like beings only seen on Thra, but rumors exist of Gelfling slaves. Female Gelflings have butterfly-like wings that can be folded to fit easily under normal clothing. These wings can be used to slow a long fall to allow for a safe landing, even with the added weight of a second gelfling holding onto the first. Gelflings can speak in the languages of animals on their homeworld [space=Thra] and upon physical contact with one another Gelfling can share thoughts, memories, and feelings via touch called [explain skill=Dreamfasting].

• Physical Description
Short elf-like humanoids who measure no more than 4 and a half feet in height. A notable feature of Gelflings are the elongated mouths, small flat noses and somewhat large eyes. Females also have small wings to aide in falling from heights. It is not known whether Gelflings had the ability of flight or if it is an evolutionary work in progress.

Gelfling Lifestyle
• Personality
Not Available

• Family & Society
Family is the single most important thing in Gelfling society.

• Religion
Not known

• Fashion
Not Available

• Cuisine
While Gelflings are omnivorous, they tend to eat a mainly vegetarian diet.
Photos Gelfling
More Images >>

Species Type:
Partially sentient bipedal humanoid

PAO-ID (6511)

Also Inhabits:

Not Available

Advanced Details:
Life span, age groups, etc.
[ View Data ]

Common Languages:
• Gelfling and Podling.

Tech Level 0

Visitor Alerts:
Attacked a peaceful planetary research crew upon landing.
This information was provided by Phayons, and this data is disputed by the Reniacs.

Favored Classes:
• Healers
• Musicians
• Artists

Major Clans/Groups:
• Feran Clan

Special Skills:
• Natural Healing
• Music
• Arts

Common Magic:

Characters: (2)
Nayla Flowers
Junku Mizni

Gelfling Arts & Entertainment
• Visual Arts
Not Available

• Performing Arts
Not Available

• Literature
Not Available

• Architecture
Gelflings tend to construct their settlements using all natural materials such as wood, stones and vines. They stick very close to the natural way of things and not using any other form of non-natural way of construction. The Crystal Castle where the Queen and King live and stay is of unknown origin and is believed to be created by another power.

• Sports
Not Available

Gelfling History
• History Overview
Not Available

• Historic Milestones
Healing the Crystal in 1140.

• Historic Individuals
Jen & Kira for healing the crystal just after the [explain event=The Great Conjunction] of 1140.

• Evolutionary Notes

Gelfling Other/Misc
• Trivia
This is only the 2nd crossover addition ever added into the 2 The Xtreme game world.

  Copyright © 2008, 2012 Jim Henson
Race remains property of their owner
Added: November 7, 2008
Edited: February 19, 2012

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