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Species: Solartra sapien
Category: Races Database | Special Races

Created by: GM-Alex
2 The Xtreme

Solart Overview
• Summary
Solarts are tall, humanoid, bleached white race that lives on a planet where little color naturally occurs due to the sun. The Solart race is run as a hive mentality where there is no individuality and life revolves around the well-being of the colony.

• Physical Description
Not Available

Solart Lifestyle
• Personality
Living in a colony, Solart have very dull and simplistic personalities. Though they are born with distinct personalities, they are forced to lose them though work and discipline. Showing any personality or emotions are forbidden and is considered a disability in which the offending individual is stripped of any rights and locked away to be sold or exchanged as a slave to passing traders. Such Solart are mostly deprived of necessary sustenance due to scarcity of resources on their homeworld until they are eventually used for feed for the colony themselves.

Outsiders are welcomed by Solart monarchs and officials and are willing to trade with anyone. Outsiders are prohibited from interacting with he general society, and it is made obvious which Solart outsiders are permitted to interact with.

• Family & Society
There are no family bonds in Solart society, and society has a strict hierarchy on how life operates. The most important aspect to life is the well-being of the colony which is run strictly by a single Solart where his will is passed down to others through chemcial communication. Though there are many colonies scattered across the Solart homeworld, they all understand the survival of their race on their hostile homeworld is to work together. As a result, the Solart race is one of the most technologically advanced races around.

To advance in Solart hierarchy, requires unrelenting dedication to work for the colony. As one ascends in hierarchy, they are given more rights and are permitted to show personality, but at this stage they are not around the general society. There are 5 levels of Solart heirarchy. "Drone", "Supervisor", "Officiator", "Senator", "Monarch". Drones and supervisors are considered "underlings".

• "Drones" do the legwork and are on the front lines of any conflict.
• "Supervisors" assign work to the drones and optimizes production of food, shelter and assets needed for them survive.
• "Officiators" are permitted to show emotion among other officiators, but when around general society and punishes underlings when wrongdoing occurs. Officiators are the only individuals who regularly interact with society and official business.
• "Senators" interact with outsiders and what political ties the colony maintains.
• "Monarch" is the leader of the colony who rules the colony with an iron fist. Monarch successors are chosen by the current Monarch in power from among anyone is society. Typically chosen from a close associate among Senators or Officiators.

Because Solart are gender fluid, Monarchs tend to force their gender to female so they can spawn more of their own bloodline using any mate they see worthy. Their spawn becomes the next generation of drones.

• Religion
Religion plays no part in Solart life or society.

• Fashion
Fashion among all underlings is cheap and extremely simple while fashion among the other hierarchies becomes highly flamboyant and intricate. Due to the extremely limited resources in their home system intricate clothing is relegated to important state events or visitors.

• Cuisine
Not Available
Photos Solart
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Species Type:
Sentient bipedal humanoid

PAO-ID (2577)

Also Inhabits:
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• Solart
• Tallst

Advanced Details:
Life span, age groups, etc.
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Common Languages:
• Biological Pheromones
• Solart Vocal
• Reniatal
• Bolgat
• Nervous intrusion

Tech Level #6

Visitor Alerts:
Periodically barters for goods in exchange for rejected Solarts deemed inferior.

Favored Classes:
• Soldiers
• Gatherers
• Laborer
• Slaves
• Drones

Major Clans/Groups:
• The Organism

Special Skills:
• Drone
• Gathering
• Taking Orders
• Telepathy
• Hand-to-hand Combat

Common Magic:
Not Available

Characters: (1)
Alyce La'Croix

Solart Arts & Entertainment
• Visual Arts
Not Available

• Performing Arts
Not Available

• Literature
Not Available

• Architecture
Not Available

• Sports
Not Available

Solart History
• History Overview
While the Solart race was known locally by the Reniac race, the Solarts efforts to reach space failed much to the Reniac race's relief. It wasn't until the Isicander Wars until other races happened to cross the paths of the Solart. The Organism found these other races as interesting and ended up picking off un patrolled groups. These unfortunate souls were then reverse engineered on a biological level. After this point, the Solart society changed to a more caste system inspired by other races.

Since the Isicander Wars, the Solart race has had the fastest technological developments of any race and soon passed the abilities and technology of many other races.

• Historic Milestones
Not Available

• Historic Individuals
Overminds linked themselves together in effort to combine the Solart race. Exact motives are unknown. This combined effort is known as "The Organism".

More recently is the 'Monarch'. These individuals that meets with space faring visitors, but are tied directly to the Organism. Monarchs are the enforcers of the Solart race.

Monarch Iæ'lth has been the only Monarch to directly socialize with someone of another race of significant power. [char=Col. Jackson Black ] of the Phayon race. Iæ'lth, explicitly stated that Solarts in uncontrolled areas are VERY dangerous and will take over like virus if not properly controlled by the Organism. Iæ'lth has also been very open about information about the Solart race to outsiders in attempt to alleviate well founded fears about Solart.

• Evolutionary Notes
The Solart race started out early in evolution as a large insect. at some point during their evolution, it is theorized that a hive was infected with a cordyceps type fungus of unknown origin. It is unknown how long this has affected the Solart race as a whole but it has definitely had an immense impact on Solart evolution.

As evolution progressed, the original insect form was mostly replaced by an amalgamation of other fauna on the Solart homeworld. It was at this point in which it is believed the race started to be self-aware and sentient. They have also developed an ability to take biological functions from other races for integration into their own societies.

A concerning ability has surfaced in recent times where a handful of individuals were able to directly alter themselves using other biological material to add other appendages, exoskeletons, senses, etc. These individuals united to form the current system in which they are able to control others who lacked this ability through telepathy and called themselves the "Overminds". Thus, The Organism was created and now rules the Solart race with an iron fist. All offspring are now only spawned by the "Queen" of each hive.

Solart Other/Misc
• Trivia
It is readily believed Solart are an insectoid race. While only partially true, the sentient portion of the race seems to be dictated by the fungus they were infected with early in evolution.

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