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Species: Homo pandorus
Category: Races Database | Crossover Races

Created by: James Cameron
Avatar Addon

Na'vi Overview
• Summary
A tall cyan colored race of bipedal humanoid creatures who are easily over 9 feet (3 m) tall. They have several feline features including ears, tails and eyes. Na'vi are very protective over their territories and will kill to protect their territory. They are capable of communicating on a nervous level to other animals on their homeworld [space=Pandora] using a ponytail like appendage.

• Physical Description
10' Tall, 4 digits, Very Strong.

Na'vi Lifestyle
• Personality
Not Available

• Family & Society
Not Available

• Religion
Not Available

• Fashion
Not Available

• Cuisine
Not Available
Photos Na'vi
More Images >>

Species Type:
Sentient bipedal humanoid

PAO-ID (63)

Also Inhabits:

Not Available

Advanced Details:
Life span, age groups, etc.
[ View Data ]

Common Languages:
Not Available

Tech Level 0

Visitor Alerts:
Hostile to Humans.
This information was provided by Humans, and is pending a review based on complaints from the Reniacs about this report.

Favored Classes:
• Archers
• Warriors

Major Clans/Groups:
• Omaticaya
• Tipani
• Horse Clan
• Ikran Clan

Special Skills:
• Tsahaylu

Common Magic:
Tsahaylu Link

Characters: (2)

Na'vi Arts & Entertainment
• Visual Arts
Not Available

• Performing Arts
Not Available

• Literature
Not Available

• Architecture
Not Available

• Sports
Not Available

Na'vi History
• History Overview
Not Available

• Historic Milestones
Not Available

• Historic Individuals
Not Available

• Evolutionary Notes
Not Available

Na'vi Other/Misc
• Trivia
Not Available

  Copyright © 2010 James Cameron
Race remains property of their owner
Added: February 2, 2010
Edited: No

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