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2 The Xtreme - Space View ADS Selena Cygni

ADS Selena Cygni
Location: Space Database | Andromeda | Selena

Created by: GM-Alex
2 The Xtreme

ADS Selena Cygni Facts & Figures
Name: ADS Selena Cygni
(sell·E·na sig·na)
Class/Type: Multiple Star System
Diameter: 5,089.000 AU
Photos ADS Selena Cygni
Multiple Star System

ADS Selena Cygni Description ADS Selena Cygni is a triple star system located near the center of the Selena Galaxy. Despite standard knowledge, there is no central massive blackhole present and there seems that one has never existed. Some of the oldest known artifacts originate from this system. This is the closest system to what is believed to be the center of the galaxy. No other systems are closer.

Systems within ADS Selena Cygni
Registration Data & IDs
System ID: 130-140116777
AS UABI ID: 5696829D-5A4D-4FD2-9D1D-91CB9FD33190
PAO ID: None
Political: Contested worlds
Tax Rate: Not Available
Shipping Rate: Not Available
Population: 14,636,152,996
(including inside systems)
Races: Forestin, Helfin, Human, Magmadon, Phayon, Quizorthian & Smalloid

The Planetary Alliance Organization (PAO) is a user run information collection database, thus the data contained herein may not be accurate. It is up to the individual to excercise caution when navigating unfamiliar sectors of from interstellar hazards including but not limited to: hostile races, unmarked free bodies, piracy or war.

(OOC) Out of Character Info Most of 2 The Xtreme occurs in this system.

People freely travel from planet to planet over the course of several days to a week one way. Interplanetary trips are as common as cross country traveling in life as we know it now. Piracy and crime is rampant outside of established planetary space. Cash is hard to find and life is difficult for most of the population.

Life starts here for any player unless if they work with MGCJerry to establish an alternate beginning story, however the game takes place here. Game play will start in this system and if/when a player gets a hold of more advanced spacecraft they may venture further out. Till then, you're stuck here like every other nobody.

Characters from the Multiple Star System ADS Selena Cygni: (37 characters)

Added: October 7, 2011
Edited: October 13, 2011
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