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FKS ADA Fokhain - (NFLP6500)
Category: Vessel Database | Incomplete
Created by: GCMatt
2 The Xtreme

The information supplied was provided by Floppin. This information may have changed since this data was provided.

Ship Identification
Manufacturer: Floppin
Model: Ren Ada
Name: Fokhain
Designed Role: Organic Companion
Class Type: IXamu (Supercluster)
Designer: Floppin
Race Design: Floppin

This vessel is currently registered and active.

Owner Registration
Owner: Unknown
Register: NFLP6500
Captain: Not Available
Faction: Trader
Home Port: Not Available

Physical Specifications
Length: 261 ft 80 m
Width: 38 ft 12 m
Wingspan: 110 ft 34 m
Height: 44 ft 13 m

31 ton
28 tonne
44 ton
40 tonne
87 ton
79 tonne
Accomodations & Deck Layout
Crew: 1 Passenger: 0
Service: 0 Total: 1
Cargo: 0 Cargo Space: 500 units

Life Support Supply:

Deck Configuration Details

Engineering & Systems Specifications
Taxi/Ground Drive:
Atmosphere Drive:
Space Drive:
Sub Light Drive:
Hyper Light Drive:
Additional Drives:
Shield System: Ion shield - level 50, Phase Shield - level 60, Kinetic Shield - level 25, Plasma Shield - level 45, Mass Shield - level 60, Antimatter Shield - level 35, Warp Shield - level 90, Rift Shield - level 99
Atmosphere: yes. Organic processes

Powerplant Specifications
Floppin Organic

Engine Modifications
Crew & Passenger Information
Min/Max Crew: 1/1
Max Passengers: 0
Livestock & Pets: 0
Maximum Capacity: 1

General Quarters
Crew Quarters: 1
Passenger Quarters: 2
Living Quarters: 0
Working Quarters: 0

Quarters Distribution
Crew: (Min/Max) Not Available to 1
Passengers: Not Available to 1
(people per quarters)

Combat & Defense Specifications Below is the combat information provided by Floppin.
• 2) Rift Pierce - level 80
• 1) Talisman Cannon - level 95
• 2) Floppin Seeker Missile Pack - level 80
• 1) Star Driller X5 Cannon - level 60
• 3) Railgun - level 20

• Organic Carapace - level 95

Atmospheric Performance
Atmospheric Operations Compable: yes
G-Force Limit: (Positive) 38
G-Force Limit: (Negative) 16

Atmospheric Endurance
Cruise Speed
Not Available
Cruise Range
Not Available
Supercruise Speed
Not Available
Supercruise Range
Not Available
Space Performance
Gravity Generator:
Gravity Limit: (Positive) 1
Gravity Limit: (Negative) 0

Space Endurance
Cruise Speed
Not Available
Cruise Range
Not Available
HyperSpeed Maximum
Not Available
HyperSpeed Range
Not Available
HyperSpeed 1 is measured to be approximately 186,000 miles/sec or 299,792.5 km/s. 1 HyperSpeed is equal to C (or the speed of light).

Additional Information Registered to a Gear (Fenalician AI), home port unknown

If you do not understand a specific item on this sheet, please consult with the manufacturer (aka GM/DM) and they may provide necessary clarification. All information provided on this datasheet is subject to change without notice due to improvments or upgrades. The manufacturer has made every effort to make this datasheet helpful and accurate as possible. Consult the Manufacturer for more updated information regarding this craft.

Added: November 28, 2020
Edited: No
Copyright © 2020
Spacecraft remains property of their owner

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