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The game takes place just a few weeks before 2140. Show your support for the Allied, Axis, or Neutral people. Or be a Bounty Hunter, or a Resistance Fighter. The Axis started the Isicander Wars and the Allied fought for the Quizorthians right to live. Everybody else is neutral. Resistance Fighters and Bounty Hunters work for whomever they want.

Poverty is still quite high and there is a large gap between poverty and middle class. However, the common modes of transportation are short-range spacecraft, aircraft and ground vehicles. Short-range spacecraft are as common as vehicles are in the real world.

Source Material

The following items are places to draw inspiration from when creating your characters. These examples should only serve as inspiration and ideas of life in the ADS Selena System. This is not an all inclusive list of places to draw ideas from when playing 2 The Xtreme, so don't limit yourself to these.

Science Fiction elements

  • The original "Star Wars" for the star-port scenes, and for the variety of races seen in the large star ports that are not on planets. Also for some of the technology present, except for the speed of travel between systems.
  • The Microsoft game "Freelancer" in sandbox mode is a good example of individual interaction, and for how common spacecraft are. Again, except for the speed of travel between systems.
  • "Descent: Freespace" for the small fleet type combat experienced on a personal level.

Magic & Spiritual elements

  • "Final Fantasy" series for the variety of capabilities of the spells.
  • "Dragon Ball Z" for the mix of the fighting and magic capabilities.
  • "Charmed" for the "other worlds" as well as curses and demons.

General Life elements

  • "Schindler's List" for the paranoia surrounding the oppressed races and some of the secrecy of which they must maintain to survive without being chased, shot at, and further oppressed.
  • "The Godfather" for the underground world for those that wish to aim for a high-life of crime & grime.
  • Real Life for the trials and tribulations dealt with by the common population. Finances, family values, etc.

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