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Viewing Newsletter : Some interesting updates.
Title: Some interesting updates.
Author: MGCJerry
Sent: Jul 10, 2005 @ 16:48 EDT

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2 The Xtreme Newsletter

Howdy everyone.

Now, where to begin...
* First off, at one period of time, you guys that are receiving this letter were subscribed to the newsletter for 2 The Xtreme RPG.
* Because how the databases were merged, you may be receiving this though you may have unsubscribed after October 18 2004. For those that did unsubscribe from this newsletter, I apologize.
* Some of you lost your avatars. I looked, but for some reason, they "disappeared" I cant find them in my backups, or on the server. So if you have a "broken image" icon for your avatar, it doesnt exist on the server anymore so you'll have to re-upload it.
* Speaking of avatars, I've increased the size limit on them. So now you can have larger avatars. :)

Anyway, now for the other tidbits...
* For those that don't know, I have re-installed much of the site, even the forums are back due to popular demand. My email box now thanks me as I'm sure others do now that the PHPNuke Archive is back. So login and make sure your stuff works if you havent visited in awhile.
* I have also setup a newsletter subscription center on our site where you can view past newsletters (starting with this one) and modify your newsletter setting.
* Sometime this week or next, I'll be re-enabling our forum AI bot "Melissa" so she can once again live.

=== Concerning 2 The Xtreme RPG ===
For those that played 2 The Xtreme and got a character render, you may be suprised to learn that I'll probably "update" your character in the coming weeks now that I upgraded to the latest version of Poser. So make sure to keep your eyes peeled for it if it ends up in the gallery,

=== Concerning PHP-Nuke ===
* I have released an unsupported PHPNuke hack that allows you to combine the stats data from 2 different database backups. I used this to merge's stats into one database since I had the stats "reset" when I reset the site back in Jan.
* I may release the Newsletter Archive Module for those that are interested in it. So if you want it, you can get first dibs on it (newsletter subscribers only), but be warned, its not supported by me. ;)

Anyway, that was long winded enough. I hope to see some of you guys on the site again.


- 2 The Xtreme Staff

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