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Viewing Newsletter : New feature active: "Rogue Admin Backtalk"
Title: New feature active: "Rogue Admin Backtalk"
Author: MGCJerry
Sent: Mar 2, 2006 @ 16:45 EST

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2 The Xtreme Newsletter

It's here and now alive. Rogue Admin.

Whats Rogue Admin you ask? I'm sure you've seen the "Wall of Shame" on the menu and perhaps took a look at it. Well, this is where Rogue Admin picks up...

Rogue Admin now allows you to backtalk skript kiddies, spammers and anything that shows up in the Wall of Shame. So now *YOU*, the registered users can now ban them at your leisure and even get "kills" for backtalking the riff-raff.

Now whats "backtalk"?

Backtalk allows you to leave a comment, so if the attacker returns (usually with the same IP), all they will see is your message and nothing else. You also have the option of posting the message anonymously,

Head over to this forum topic and get the scoop:

Cheers and good luck. :)

- 2 The Xtreme Staff

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