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Viewing Newsletter : Future of 2 The Xtreme, Chronicles of Quizorthia
Title: Future of 2 The Xtreme, Chronicles of Quizorthia
Author: MGCJerry
Sent: Feb 26, 2007 @ 18:44 EST

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2 The Xtreme RPG Newsletter

In case you have not seen the main page lately...

This site is fairly dead, I've decided to do this... I'm going to once again revamp the whole site with a core emphasis on the story and such, but with a twist. The non-bastardized hardcore stone cold world of Selena will be put on here. No more childsplay.

Here is how the current content will be handled:
* Forums will be cleaned up.
* Membership will be cleared for non-newsletter subscribers. You guys will remain registered.
* Content will edited as well as addition of new content.
* A new bright, pretty, cheery theme will be available on the site for you who don't like dark sites.
* Hosted Downloads as well as the Maps & Minis Hosting will remain intact as well as specific services we provide to others.

Fetch your blades, weapons, and check your feelings at the door my friends, Selena is unloading its darkest secrets, and evil will rear its ugly head... Which side are you going to join, but more importantly who will be left standing where death is but the beginning and where evil knows no bounds?

In closing...
Is there anything *you* would like to see on the site? Post your ideas, suggestions and comments at:

- 2 The Xtreme RPG Staff

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