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2 The Xtreme - Fenal Encounter Campaign Details

Fenal Encounter
Campaign Year: 2220
Duration: ( - )

Campaign Information
Game Master: GM-Alex
Type: Online & in-person
Genre: Sci-Fi
Status: Inactive
Player Slots: 2/2 (Full)

Game Logs

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Title Date Options
! July 24, 2004 ! Jul 24, 2004 [ None ]
July 22, 2004 Jul 22, 2004 [ None ]
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Characters Players: (2)
GM-Alex (GM)
GCMatt (Player)

Player Characters: (1)
Lizeraciz Arthisicus

Other Characters: (3)
Lewie Da'ann
Mary Monuiel
Campaign Story for Fenal Encounter the awakening of Azoria, a God of the Quizorthian race brought the magic reconstruction of the ancient city named after the god. Azoria. Upon discovering the Quizorthian's impending doom of Judgement Day and the constant threat of Phayon Retribution, the remaining population of Quizorthia was translocated to the remote Fenalician homeworlds to learn and train to prepare for the impending battle of the end.


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