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This is the intro from the old site. Some stuff needs to be reworked to accommodate the new system and changes to the story.

The planet of Quizorthia was once the home of a very successful and serene race, the Quizorthians. Quizorthia is the largest known planet in the universe that can sustain life. Many civilizations co-existed on the planet of Quizorthia until a top-secret Phayon government experiment created fear in people's minds and changed this coexistence forever...

During "The Experiment" the Phayons discovered that the entire Quizorthian civilization had a special ability. The ability to use very powerful magic. This put fear deep into the Phayon government, which at the time, the Phayons had a large civilian presence on Quizorthia. As a result there was a Phayon Civilization Meeting called on Phayon in which the top Phayon leaders and figures decided what should be done to help their race. After a few days of discussions, the committee decided the only way to save their race was to put considerably large bounties on any and all Quizorthians. Upon the return to Quizorthia from this meeting, an accident had occurred on board the Diplomatic Cruiser. The Phayons, afraid the Quizorthians had caught them activated the ship's self-destruct mechanism in order to prevent the Quizorthians from finding out more information. Luckily, the information aboard the ship was collected by the Phayons, and passed to those in power for immediate Executive Action.

On Wednesday, May 11, 2016 the Phayons initiated a project that would kill every last Quizorthian in the Selena System and maybe even the known universe and perhaps to save the universe from certain potential doom. To provide proper preparations and planning, the war would not start until another 80 years or a Quizorthian attack before the official start. This time would allow the Phayons to conduct underground studies and experiments to determine Quizorthians' weaknesses... However the Quizorthian Monarchy suspected the Phayons to be up to something since the presence of Phayons on Quizorthia had suddenly dropped. According to rumor, the Quizorthian Monarch began to organize a defense system that remained unknown by the Phayons called the QSDA.

The Phayons employed an excellent research scientist to find the Quizorthians' greatest weaknesses... After a few days of research, a weakness was quickly discovered. The weakness was the Quizorthian's mental state. Quizorthians are found to be somewhat "depressed" and the research team developed a perfect solution, a solution if effective would wipe out all Quizorthians in existence. During the studies, the research team used dead Quizorthian bodies and also discovered that the Quizorthian bodies could be very valuable resources. Since he Quizorthians could become such a valuable resource, the research team told the Phayon government to offer more money for intact bodies. The problem though, Quizorthians cannot die easily by conventional means. They would need to be paralyzed. The doctor discovered a way to render a Quizorthian defenseless and make them even more depressed. By shoving a blade up a Quizorthians' spine the Quizorthian would become permanently paralyzed. To protect themselves from magic attacks the Quizorthians would need to be disoriented by stabbing them through the ears with 11-inch long ice picks. Since the head researcher did have a soft spot for Quizorthians he developed a special item called a [explain item=Life Gun], because of this the doctor mandated all Quizorthians to arrive at the [explain location=Isicander Outpost] alive (since they are paralyzed they cannot defend themselves).

Only one thing stopped the war from happening right away. The problem was the "Planetary Civilization Protection Pact" signed many centuries ago by Phayons, Quizorthians, Helfins and many other sentient races in the Selena System. This pact specifies that as long as a visiting race has an "official" presence on a planet, they cannot declare war and/or receive any tactical assistance from allies. Since the Phayon government wanted to keep this operation under wraps, they had to stick with this pact. Because of this pact there was a secret base established on the [explain location=Sea of Navarone] on Quizorthia. The code name was Isicander Outpost, which was named after the head researcher who masterminded the whole core operation, [char=Dr. J. Isican]. Dr Isican was considered an extreme genius by Phayon standards and became the "Chief of Command" for the Isicander Outpost. Construction on this secret Base continued for 20 years before it was found by a Quizorthian. The Phayons official story was "This is our defense against the evils of the universe". The Quizorthian Monarchy thought nothing of it and continued about their business. Since Quizorthia is such a vast planet full of resources, the Phayons had to do little transporting materials and supplies and most resources could come from areas local to the outpost.

After over 86 years of patience, paranoia, and backbreaking work, the Isicander Outpost was finished and operational. At the time, this was the largest, most sophisticated, self-supportive city in existence.

Finally on Saturday, July 29, 2102 at 5:55 AM the Phayons officially declared war on the entire Quizorthian civilization. This battle became well known throughout the universe as the Isicander Wars. Since the Phayon government put such a large bounty on every dead Quizorthian the response was stunning. Since poverty, and unemployment was extremely high money at this time was hard to get, many flocked to the planet Phayon to get started. The Quizorthians never expected such a large rush, and their secret defenses were quickly overrun destroyed. During the war, many people began to ramp up the violence and torture the victims by making the parents watch the kids being raped and killed while they are paralyzed and unable to protect their children. As a result many Quizorthian mothers started abandoning their children and sacrificing themselves in effort to save them and their race. Because of this, the Phayons began having a hard time finding young Quizorthians, and even others. But the Quizorthian plan worked...

By the end of 2130 the dust settled... The war was over... Little did the Phayons know Quizorthians evolve quickly, in which they can make evolutionary steps on a generation scale. The surviving hidden children became stronger both mentally and physically. Because of the war the Quizorthians also learned extremely powerful spells. When the Phayons discovered that there were more Quizorthians alive then they originally anticipated, the Phayon Government officially and publicly announced another battle to finish them off because the Phayons thought this new generation was just as weak and defenseless... The set year was on New Years day 2140 for "Operation: 2 The Xtreme", just several months away.

Little does anyone know 2140 is also the beginning of something else. Another pure evil will rise and threaten all life, as it is known. Extremists on all sides seem to believe it is Armageddon, better known as the showdown between all evil and all holy that will destroy all life in its wake. The last questions are: Will the Quizorthians be at their knees begging for mercy, or will the universe be at its knees.

What side will you join?

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