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House Rules

These were the house rules when 2 The Xtreme was an operating game. They are now defunct

Below are the simple rules for 2 The Xtreme. Failure to comply with these simple rules may result in you getting ejected out of the game, or removed by player vote.

  • 2 The Xtreme
    1. 2 The Xtreme is intended for mature players. Childish players will not be accepted for play.
    2. All players must have a good imagination. Closed minded individuals need not apply.
    3. Rule-lawyers, muchkins, need not apply.
    4. All issues are to be discussed before or after play.
    5. Issues that may arise during game may be debated after the session. Important issues will result in the game being "Paused", and the issue will be resolved quickly with player opinions. GM decision is final, but may be debated in the forums, or after play.
    6. If a GM doesnt know about it, it doesnt exist.
  • Character Creation
    1. The PHB given by a Game Authority provides adaquate base information regarding each race. Read it. It is the player's responsibility to ask for more in-depth information.
    2. Characters may only be used once. If your character dies, you cannot recycle him/her in a future campaign.
    3. Character creation is done within OpenRPG with MGCJerry present. GCMatt is also capable of assisting to a limited degree. Characters generated by software are not permitted.
    4. A player must choose a race from the 2 The Xtreme Races database. The Special Races are granted on a case-by-case basis with only vetern online players need to apply. Custom races are not permitted.
    5. All Player Characters (PCs) are capable of being a "Chosen One". Meaning PCs have the capability of gaining more abilities and such much faster than a similar NPC. The power comes neither easy or cheap.
    6. All players must create a background for their character. Generally, MGCJerry can usually add any backgrounds to the story with little or no modifications. Any players who have been approved as a "Special Race" has specific guidelines to follow depending on the race. Make sure you put as much detail as you possibly can. It is also preferred to create a version you'd like others to read for both IC as well as OOC. Backgrounds may be and are encouraged to be included in a separate node. At least 3 paragraphs are preferred, but 1 is the minimum (4 full sentences).
    7. Levels, stats, MP, HP, AC, etc are not present in this game. Remember that.
    8. You must turn in your character sheet back to MGCJerry prior to play for review.
    9. Make sure MGCJerry is aware of any special knowledge you may posess be it computers, space, medical, etc. This may be used as a hook later on, or may help with fixing any conflicting items.
    10. During the first 30 minutes of the game, your character is indeed invincible to prevent stupid things from resulting in your death. However, after the 30 initial minutes is up, you're fair game.
  • Conduct
    1. Players and GM's will conduct themselves as individuals with respect. OOC abuse is not tolerated and will result in harsh consequences.
    2. IC hazing is permitted, but remember you're not going to accomplish anything but having bruised egos afterwards.
    3. OOC hazing is permitted as long as the people involved consent to it. Otherwise it is treated as OOC abuse and will be dealt with accordingly.
    4. This is a game, and we are here to have fun whether it be horrific, funny, or serious. Players are the ones that make the game enjoyable for all. People (Players & Lurkers) slowing or impeding the game may be subject to removal by player vote.
  • OpenRPG Rules
    1. Links in names will be removed prior to play. MGCJerry will remove his prior to starting the game, and will expect you to also. This makes cleaning the logs much easier
    2. Only one color may be used for your name. This makes cleaning the logs much easier
    3. OOC (Out Of Character comments will be kept to a minimum during game, and must be encased in (parenthesis). Anything said without parenthesis during the game is considered IC (In Character) and will be treated as such. Such comments may be removed during log cleaning.
    4. [explain word=Metagaming] is not permitted. This may result in you getting ejected from the game. Make sure you use (parenthesis) in OOC comments to avoid this nasty possibility.
  • Lurkers
    1. Lurkers are permitted when the game is not passworded. The campaign is passworded at the beginning, and are generally removed when the players are comfortable with the game.
    2. Lurkers will not speak in open chat during game. All game questions must be whispered to the GM. Violators will be immediately booted, and possibly passworded play at future dates.
    3. Lurkers will not enter during a game or creation session to ask for help with anything non-2 The Xtreme related. Violators will be immediately booted, and possibly passworded play at future dates
  • Attendance
    1. MGCJerry understands disconnects (DC's) are part of everyday life especially for dialup users, and there are measures in place to help with people who get disconnected during play. Re-entering the game and making MGCJerry aware of disconnects is vital in getting you caught up.
    2. Players that disappear suddenly, and dont return for the remainder of the session are considered being tied up with personal tasks and quests.
    3. MGCJerry also understands that things happen IRL and if you're not going to attend a session, notify MGCJerry as soon as possible before the game starts.
    4. After 3 consecutive un-notified no-shows, the player will be removed from the group, and the character is subject to harsh consequences.
    5. Late players who have not notified MGCJerry in any way are subject to loose one random protruding body part every 10 minutes they are late. If they dont show up, they are considered as a "no show".
  • Server Connection Issues
    Whenever our main server is down, go in the order below to find the game. If there is no server list for whatever reason, enter the IPs to join them. If for some sick reason you still can't connect to anything, utilize the contact GM function.
    1. NA -

The Game Master (GM) is not responsible for injury, damage, theft, or death of the player character (hereafter referred to as PC) or the PC's property. This includes but is not limited to poison, disease, magic, traps, large monsters, evil beings, bad die rolls, attempted cheating, fooling with cursed items, stealing from nobles, random effects, meddling in others affairs, learning too much, pissing off the GM, planer relocation, forgetting to add modifiers, miscalculating armor class, over-estimating your skills, casting fireballs in town, angering a large underground organization, trying to swim in full plate armor, delusions of grandeur, loss of soul, loss of free will, loss of limbs, finding a gelatinous cube (the hard way), pushing the button/pulling the lever, thinking something is an illusion, or complaining. You hereby release the GM from all liability from aforementioned happenings, whether through your own fault, GM negligence, GM fudging, GM being mean, or any other reason. The GM will or will not notify you of all status affects as he sees fit.

Created: Jan 1, 2016 by GM-Alex
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