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Though the game is pretty much dead, I'm using this as my personal dumping ground again. I may make adjustments here and there if I'm motivated.

Below you can read up to 2 news stories posted by MGCJerry starting with the most recent.

Back at Home - Bye Facebook
Posted by: MGCJerry on Jul 11, 2020 @ 19:21 EDT
Last Edited: Aug 5, 2020 @ 18:25 EDT
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Update #3: August 5, 2020 6:20PM

Most of the updates have been to the user accounts system.

• Now has a current users online (only visible to members).
• Provision a user option allow users to hide themselves from the "Whose Online" function (still visible to admins though).
• The system also counts the number of pages all visitors view. This will make it easier to track down and block bots that like hitting many pages a second.
• Added avatar upload preview function and improved some database/ logic back-end.

Update: July 25, 2020 9:25PM

Update #2
I've found a bug that prevented some people from logging in properly. I have corrected the bug, you should be able to login now.

As of July 19, 2020 8:42AM, my facebook account is now pending deletion. If it gets reactivated, its not by me so report it or just harass the ever loving fuck out of them. Not that facebook will do anything if its reported.

For those coming over to "follow me" from Facebook, and mgcjerry/net/com/org ... I will once again be hanging out here so I don't have to deal with Facebook, or maintaining multiple sites. I'm doing this for several reasons.

1. Less of a mangled mess.
2. Facebook's scripting makes it very heavy and cumbersome to use, especially on a mobile device.
3. Got more control over my own information.
4. No nagging. I hate few things worse than a program or place that feels its need to nag me.
5. I can pretty much say what I want here, if you don't like it, then go pound sand. Complaining to an admin will not solve anything. I AM the admin.
6. Spam is not tolerated here. I gave up reporting blatant violations to Facebook only to get told "nothing is wrong".
7. Porn is not tolerated here. See #6.
8. No sudden random changes here that breaks things.
9. I can actually upload stuff here. 100% of the time, compared to some of the time on Facebook.
10. Actively stops me from trying to make an occasional post or send an occasional message.
11. Being incredibly slow to send messages to people. It sometimes takes at least a minute for messages to be exchanged.

Do I plan on replacing Facebook for my use? Yes. This site has a minimal, incomplete user system, but registration is possible. I dont know if/when I will ever complete the user system. Other than that, Welcome to my OLD place (if this site/domain was human, it could legally drink). If you don't want to follow me here, or text/call me or whatever, that's on you. Anyway, its been here awhile.

I will also be posting all my other misc projects here as well, it will be just be piled onto an old RPG site.

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Security Update
Posted by: MGCJerry on Feb 25, 2017 @ 20:19 EST
Last Edited: Feb 26, 2017 @ 11:34 EST

Been getting lots of bot searching for database dumps in many kinds of formats.

Its getting out of hand. ALL of the exploit searching now results in the entire block getting server side banned. They are also commented in the lists so I know not to remove them.

Oh let me count the ways why all 106 or 206 attempts WILL fail:
• Full database backups are NOT stored in /public_html. Actually database backups are downloaded to my machine. The only backups I have on the server is "default settings", and RPG Manager backups. This way I can factory reset the CMS if needed. And that backup has a salted password hash that the system forces me to reset on restore.
• The requested filenames are all wrong too. Not even close.

Nice try, but here's your YOU FAIL award.

The next CMS update will have an anti-hammering system in place so these excessive requests will get rejected by the CMS. Completely. Right now I have to do them by hand. Also during the next update all block-lists from my sites will be merged, and I will chop as many class B & C addresses as possible to eliminate an excessive lists. This will become an automated function as well after the next security update.

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For nine years the ADS Selena Galaxy has been at a shaky peace since an unknown powerful alien race intervened and ended the bloody Isicander Wars which raged for 32 years only to disappear among the stars from which they appeared. Despite the relative success of the Isicander Wars, the Phayons openly agree that the job should be finished. All Quizorthians still must be elminated. This next war, dubbed "Operation: 2 The Xtreme" by the Phayons will begin shortly. The universe would be a much safer place if all Quizorthians with their evil black magic were purged.

It has been said by many high magic users that this next war will indeed be the last war, whether it be through devine intervention or just each side killing each other into extinction. So either side must push their capabilities to the extreme to prevent annihilation by the hands of their enemy. However if this is indeed the sign of the apocalypse as believed by magic using society, what will it matter who wins? For in the deep cold shadows of space, a relatively unknown vengeful race lurks ready to reign death and destruction upon the the very races bent on destroying the once powerful, arcane yet peaceful Quizorthian race. They've shown themselves once, whats to stop them from showing themselves again?

Soon it is the beginning of what the Phayons call "Operation: 2 The Xtreme" in which they will spend their every last resource to kill every other Quizorthian that is alive. Even other races are being targeted if they use anything that Phayons decide to call "Black Magic". Since the Phayons gained such a foothold on the ADS Selena Cygni system before and during the Isicander Wars, the system is well populated by the Phayon race. It shouldnt be too hard.

The last questions are: Will the Quizorthian or Phayon race be at their knees of another genocidal war, or are we just creating our own end?

Dr. J. Isican
Dr. J. Isican
Isicander Outpost (Aug 2106)

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2 The Xtreme WAS a fantasy, science fiction roleplaying game run using the storyteller method and can work with or without dice. If dice are desired, the game runs using the werefolf die pool system. Consult MGCJerry for specifics.

There are many fantasy related aspects to 2 The Xtreme with mythical creatures, weak and powerful magic, multple magic based "planes" to explore. The universe is also there to explore as well as unlock its secrets and why things are the way they are. In addition with all the fantasy stuff, the galaxy cluster in which the game takes place in has a lot of high-level technology as well as some areas with primitive technologies and societies and even high technology with primitive societies.

2 The Xtreme puts you in the drivers seat as a "Chosen One" who has the ability to acquire what is thought impossible in physical strength, magic energy and spiritual awareness that even seems to be missing from some of the most powerful mortals in existance. Too bad you're not refined and these energies remain untapped. Victory and survival has a price; how much will you pay, Or will you become the harbinger to the end of times? The choice is yours

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