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2 The Xtreme - Omega Campaign Details

Campaign Year: 2170
Duration: ( - )

Campaign Information
Game Master: GM-Alex
Type: Online & in-person
Genre: Sci-Fi
Status: Inactive
Player Slots: 2/2 (Full)

Game Logs

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Title Date Options
January 24, 2006 Jan 24, 2006 [ None ]
January 22, 2006 Jan 22, 2006 [ None ]
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Characters Players: (2)
GM-Alex (GM)
GCMatt (Player)

Player Characters: (2)
Lizeraciz Arthisicus
ShamRock Shootem'

Other Characters: (6)
Cadell Stubbs
Mary Monuiel
Melissa Arcadia
Michelle Mangle
Campaign Story for Omega Prior to the first session in this log, Omega is a mercenary/warlord acquired the coveted and much feared "Atmosphereic Storm" weapon that totally destablizes an atmosphere to the point in which life cannot survive on the planet.

The reason for the attack was because the Phayons once again went for Quizorthia, but Omega had connections and capabilities to fend off the attack. A mass battle ensues, and the tide is turned once Omega acquires Adrothian ships and feared weapons. Not only did Omega fire off one, but he fired off two of them. In addition to the feared weapons, he had additional weapons that were heavily feared by all.


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