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2 The Xtreme - Character Directory

Characters Database

Welcome to the Characters information center. There are 77 characters in 7 categories. This contains both PCs and NPCs. The information provided by the GM/DM and as such the data may or may not be correct.

All Characters
77 Characters

Displays all characters in every category

By Race
77 Characters

View all characters that have an official race.

By Campaign
10 Characters

This category shows all Player Characters (PCs) in their respective campaigns.

Main Story Characters
10 Characters

These characters are some of the more commonly encountered characters and have plot hooks to the story at hand, PCs, or characters that just happen to stick around the PCs long enough to be noted as "Main Characters".

Minor Story Characters
16 Characters

These characters only have minor plot hooks, or will likely be encountered in one manner or another. Characters that have been recycled can be found here as well. These characters can become major NPCs depending on the campaign's progression.

Special Characters
6 Characters

These characters are present under special conditions and during specific parts of the storyline. Be sure to read up on them since these people can make or break a plot, or are just rare races or one of a kinds.

Overworld Characters
8 Characters

These characters represent the highest level of existence in 2 The Xtreme whether they be a Guardian Force, or even a Race God. These characters are truly a force to be reckoned with. You will at some point unknowingly meet one within your campaign

Old Player Characters
24 Characters

This category contains characters that were around in old sessions or are only available in a certain story based sessions.

Work in Progress
10 Characters

These are characters that are currently a work in progress and may not appear until a later date within the game or until the information is completed.

Other Characters
3 Characters

This category contains characters who have absolutely nothing to do with 2 The Xtreme and are placed here purely for demo purposes.

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