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Burton Irwindale - DogMeat
Category: Characters Database | Minor Story Characters

Created by: GM-Alex | GM-Alex's Characters
2 The Xtreme
2 The Xtreme (2139)

Vitals Box
Character ID: 14
I653-207812-4-P500 PHAY-1
Non Player Character (NPC)
Burton Irwindale - DogMeat Burton Irwindale - DogMeat
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Birth Name Burton Irwindale
Alias DogMeat
Callsign DP-DB 3
Race Phayon
Gender Male
Born Sunday, December 04, 2078
Died -
Age 61 (Young Adult)
Homeworld Phayon
Residence Phayon
Languages English & Quizorthian
Height 6', 2" (2 m)
Weight 155.0 lb (70.3 kg)
Build Muscular
Skin Tan
Hair Brown
Eyes White / Green
Clothing Usually shorts and tanktop, but mostly pants and plain shirts.
Affiliation Dawg Pound
Occupation Mercenary
Status Single
Spouse None
Parents Not Available
Siblings None
Children None
Friends Dawg Pound
Enemies Corporate Giants
Analysis [ Personality Analysis ]
Sexuality Straight
Hobbies Working on my ship
Fav Colors None
Fav Food Anything cheap
Fav Music Hard Rock



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Appearance & Personal Style

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Personal Life & Relationships


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Personal History

Burton grew up in a working class side of Smithson, Aacia on Phayon. During his childhood he developed a very strong love of animals. Many of his teenage jobs involved working on farms, feed plants, various zoos anything related to animals.

Burton graduated with honors from Aacia College in culinary science, livestock nutritionist, animal welfare, and has a Ph.D. in Veterinary Surgery, Neurology, bio-Mechanical Engineering, and a masters in Electronics. Despite his high credentials, he landed a job at a large animal feed manufacturing plant developing and improving feeds for various industries.

On one normal operating day while Burton and his assistant Lewie Da'ann, the plant experienced a catastrophic explosion that sent white hot shards of iron, and items through much of the plant killing 27 people and seriously mutilating 80 others. Burton experienced severe lacerations and burns to most of his body and has lost an eye and is 80% blind in the other.

It is believed that a competing plant planted a bomb and detonated it though nobody has claimed responsibility for the blast. Burton is now horribly disfigured and as a result he and most of the survivors formed a Resistance Faction called "Dawg Pound" and are now fighting against the corporations who practice shady inside trading, sabotage including "corporate mischief".

Family History

There isn't much to Burton's family history. They were just an average Phayon family living on Phayon.

Additional Information

Mr. Irwindale's Comments

Fuck you large corporate hitmen. I will hunt you down like the dogs you are and lay out my revenge!

GM-Alex's Comments


Out of Character Information (OOC)


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