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Torien Cordinis - Torien
Category: Characters Database | Old Player Characters

Created by: Unknown | Unknown's Characters
2 The Xtreme
2 The Xtreme (2139)

Vitals Box
Character ID: 76
C635-20504-11-H550 EART-1
Player Character (PC)
Torien Cordinis - Torien Torien Cordinis - Torien
Birth Name Torien Cordinis
Alias Torien
Callsign Tor-23
Race Human
Gender Male
Born April 11, 2050
Died -
Age 89 (Senior)
Homeworld Earth
Residence Earth
Languages English & Ozar
Height 5', 10" (2 m)
Weight 180.0 lb (81.6 kg)
Build Toned
Skin Light Tan
Hair Black, medium length, above shoulder
Eyes Brown
Clothing Dark brown pants, light but durable material. Top is a normal shirt, and usually wearing a black, aged leather jacket. There's dark purple trimming on the material. Don't forget the usual whitey tighties. Also wears a thin silver chain, with a small icon of a unicorn. Normally hidden underneath his shirt/jacket. Also, normal combat type belt with some attached pouches.
Affiliation Bounty Hunter
Occupation None
Status Single
Spouse None
Parents Not Available
Siblings None
Children None
Friends None
Enemies None
Analysis [ Personality Analysis ]
Sexuality Straight
Hobbies None
Fav Colors None
Fav Food None
Fav Music None



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Appearance & Personal Style

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Personal Life & Relationships


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Personal History

Born in 2050, Torien had a fairly decent life on Earth. He went through school with the normal grades as any other child his age. During his senior year in high school, he became interested in the opportunities in the military. His father was in the Marines, so he did have some family history to fall back on as well. In the end though, a simple love of computers led him to join the military at the age of 18. He learned much about computer repair and electronics, as well as operations and programming. However, after six years of this, and nearing the end of his
enlistment, he was no closer to a better life than he was before he joined. Sure, the computer knowledge could help him get a job in some civilian field, but he wanted a quicker path to getting the money he wanted and needed to have the perfect life he wanted.

It took him a year to figure this out. He had left the military at the age of 24 when his enlistment ended. During this year, he spent his time at numerous bars, alehouses, and pubs. He never did become a heavy drinker. He merely enjoyed life with friends, while at the same time, searching for something to do with his life. It was during one of these days, shortly after his 25th birthday, that a few bounty hunters came in.

Torien never considered a life as a bounty hunter, but he was bored this particular day and decided to as one of them how the bounty hunter's life was like.

"A hard road," said the Hunter, "but a profitable one at that. If you could handle the intense training and the mentality of bounty hunting, it's but a small step into it. It's hard work, but do things right, and you can get a lot of money, very quickly."

And so, Torien signed up with the bounty hunter's guild. He spent the next few months in training, and afterwards, working with a couple fellow bounty hunters to slowly build his own fortune. After a couple years, shortly after turning 27, he was able to buy his own ship. He named it the Magnolia.

Three years pass by with good bounty hunting and good money raking in. By this time he had two crew members, who assisted in piloting the Magnolia. However, that was about to change.

An opportunity came about for the crew of the Magnolia to capture a high profit bounty. Torien was a little cautious about the whole set up, but in the end, and at the crew's persistence, agreed to accept the bounty. Part of the requirement for this certain bounty was to store it in a cryogenic chamber. They bought one at no small expense, and after several days, found the bounty itself. As Torien was setting up the cryo chamber, his crew turned on him.

They surprised him, and after a brief scuffle, successfully forced Torien into the cryo chamber. Once activated, he was immediately put into stasis. The crew had sabotaged the engines earlier, wanting to destroy the ship so as to destroy the evidence of their mutiny. Surely they could have taken the ship, but the problem was the Magnolia's AI system. The AI had recorded everything, but none of the crew could reprogram the AI or delete the recordings.

But no matter. With the money they were gonna make, they could retire easily. And so they took the bounty and took the Magnolia's shuttle craft, meeting with another ship that was at a predesignated location to pick them up. Once they were safely away, they activated the bomb.

The engines exploded, but the crew had underestimated the case strength of the engines. They bomb heavily damaged the engines, and the resulting explosion sent a feedback loop of power into all the ships systems, causing many to explode or surge. Among these systems was the ship's computer. The memory chip suffered some damage, though not too extreme, and all power except for emergency life support and the cryo chamber's own power source was shut down.

The ship drifted for 79 years, in the middle of a remote system of space. That length of time, age, and no maintenance caused the ship to become further disrepaired. The memory chip as well further degraded...

Family History

Not Available

Additional Information

Mr. Cordinis's Comments


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Out of Character Information (OOC)


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