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Species: Not Available
Category: Races Database | Minor Races

Created by: GCMatt
Not Available

Ractian Overview
• Summary
Not Available

• Physical Description
They avg bettwen 5' and 6'7. they vary between just about every shade of green. The have no eyes. the tips of their fingers are extreme hard bones.they see though virbations and sound felt though the ground and the air or anything they are holdin..

Ractian Lifestyle
• Personality
Their Personality varies from person to person. But are generally regarded as quiet , or beast of rage.

• Family & Society
They are extremely loyal, to family, and clan. TO turn against the family and/or the clan laws brings dishonor to both the family/clan and the "outcast" which normally ends in either death or being striped of family and clan and being exiled.

• Religion
They have a tribe like religion, a shaman who leads the religion side. all worthship either Ra'Krous God of War
or Sa'Prous God of peace. The biggest diffiences between the two, is krous requires sacrifices of blood, and follows way of war.
while prous follows way of peace and forgiveiness

• Fashion
Not Available

• Cuisine
Mainly Meats, Fish , Insect , etc etc
Photos Ractian

Species Type:
Reptile bipedal Humanoid

Adroth Wormhole
PAO-ID (-)

Also Inhabits:

Not Available

Advanced Details:
Life span, age groups, etc.
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Common Languages:
Not Available

Not Available

Visitor Alerts:

Favored Classes:
Not Available

Major Clans/Groups:
• "Enlighted" - The strongest of all the clans follows the path of Sa'Prous
"Blood Claws" - @nd strongest clan follows the path of Ra'Krous.

Special Skills:
• Cause of they way they see it is almost completely impossbile to sneak up on them.

Common Magic:
• Their sight uses magic

Characters: (0)

Ractian Arts & Entertainment
• Visual Arts
Not Available

• Performing Arts
Not Available

• Literature
Not Available

• Architecture
Not Available

• Sports
Not Available

Ractian History
• History Overview
The princess of the blood claws married the prince of enlighted. Once they took rule the clans merged under one banner but each still following their own paths to get to the single goal of ruling all their kind. they have manged to unit 73% of the clans to their cause in the last 15 years. Before that they were a race of spread out clans.

• Historic Milestones
War of The Kilzaish - (????-????) From the sky rained terror for 80 years they fought off this invaders. This kicked off the Feel of one the speices needed to progress their technology and social skills to the next level. The ending of this war is what lead to the Enlighted and Blood Claws first to work together.( still took them roughly another 130 years before they merged into the one.

• Historic Individuals
Not Available

• Evolutionary Notes
Not Available

Ractian Other/Misc
• Trivia
Not Available

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Added: January 30, 2012
Edited: January 30, 2012

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