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2 The Xtreme - Space View Luna

Location: Space Database | Andromeda | Milky Way | Sol | Earth

Created by: GM-Alex
2 The Xtreme

Luna Facts & Figures
Name: Luna
Class/Type: Terrestrial Moon
Diameter: 3,474 km (2,158.64 mi) (27.3% Earth)
Mass: 7.332×1022 kg (1.2% Earth)
Volume: 2.196×1010 km3
Escape Velocity: 2.374 km/s
Orbital Distance:
403,914 km (250,981 mi)
Rotation: Tide Locked
Revolution: 28 days
Axial Tilt: 1.54°
Temperature: 218.15 K (-19 °C) (-67 °F) - Extremely colder than Earth
Gravity: 1.622 m/s (0.2 X Earth)
Density: 3.34 g/cm3 (60.6% Earth)
Albedo: 0.12
Luminosity: ergs/s -
Habitability: Habitable
Photos Luna
Terrestrial Moon

Luna Description Earths natural satellite. First landed in local year 1969. It was not further landed on again until 2025 in which it was used as a staging point to go to Mars. This marks the beginning point of Human space colonization.
Atmosphere No atmosphere

Systems within Luna None
Registration Data & IDs
System ID: 110-980181419
AS UABI ID: A888AA85-FE82-45FA-94B5-92A74E72C9BD
PAO ID: None
Political: Neutral
Tax Rate: Not Available
Shipping Rate: Not Available
Population: 6,500
(including inside systems)
Races: Human & Phayon

The Planetary Alliance Organization (PAO) is a user run information collection database, thus the data contained herein may not be accurate. It is up to the individual to excercise caution when navigating unfamiliar sectors of from interstellar hazards including but not limited to: hostile races, unmarked free bodies, piracy or war.

(OOC) Out of Character Info Characters from the Moon Luna: (0 characters)

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Edited: November 17, 2015
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