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Bone Displacement

A permanent curse that causes all the bones and/or cartilage in the target to dissolve resulting in the complete loss of their skeletal system whether it be internal or external.


A curse that allows the user to sever or scramble Spiritual connections between target(s) causing extreme spiritual disruption.

Dimensional Isolation

Sends target to the "lowest" astral plane. Magic energy purgatory.

Drain Energy

A curse that allows the user to pull energy from the target until the target runs out of energy and dies, or it is relased by the user.

Mind Control

Allows you to control the target's mind to a certain degree. Ineffective on PCs.

Parasitic Absorb

A curse that allows the user to slowly absorb the target(s) energy.

Parasitic Drain

A curse that allows the user to drain away the target(s) energy.

Perception of Fools

Allows the user to change how reality is perceived by the target(s).

Rise of Ashes

Allows the user to literally raise the dead that are not dominant races.

Skin Displacement

A permanent curse that causes the targets skin to denature and fall off their body resulting in the underlying flesh to remain exposed.

Spiritual Claim

Allows the user to claim a spirit as a source, or bound entity for later use.

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