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Magic Database

Establish connection with target(s). Share magic "energy" in an unregulated fashion.


Allows user to call upon a mgic field if they have more than one. Must be used to use spells on other fields.


Allows the user to call upon a curse instead of a spell. Most curses have a negative effect on the target.

Default Field

Allows a user to set their field to a specific field if they have more than one.


A modifer that allows your spell to have effects on others BUT the target. (AoE spells only)


Allows the user to use another entity as a proxy or relay for magic energy.


Release a magic effect, field, spell, curse, etc. that was placed by caster.

Spirit Search

Allows you to target souls. If learned.


A call that specifies a precise target. (AoE spells can affect multiple targets)


Allows specific spells to propogate over a caster specified condition.

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