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  The Time has arrived!      
Posted by: GM-Alex on Jan 1, 2005 @ 00:00 EST
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Ok, I'm going to keep this brief. Now that my site is my personal dumping ground there are going to be some changes (like anyone cares) so if you wish to even visit this site anymore (I don't see why anyone would without PHPNuke addons) and not get your ass banned, read this to prevent you from looking like a complete idiot (who would want that?).

Here's the deal. This site will stay online after December 31, 2004 but with the following changes...

  • All PHP-Nuke modules available for download will go bye-bye as well as my support for them. If you want me to help you with PHP-Nuke support as well as setting up modules/themes and/or PHPNuke itself, there will be a FEE with my services. This includes MSN Messenger support!
  • All my PHPNuke modules/themes/addons have now reached their End of Life (EOL'ed) and thus are now unsupported by me, thus removed from this place. They're not mine anymore! Hear this. All my previous released PHPNuke code is now public domain... Have fun and get them elsewhere.
  • My PHPNuke forums will be consolidated into one forum, and will remain present for reading but not posting or replying. I'd be counting my lucky stars that I'm not wiping it out. Do NOT, repat DO NOT post any PHPNuke support questions elsewhere on the site. I'll ban your ass! This includes comments, galleries, other forums. If you want my (paid) services, email me and we'll work out a schedule and payment arrangements.
  • Registration is once again reopened. Read the new rules or be banned by them. There is only one strike violations now. Neglecting to adhire to the new rules will get your ass banned if you break them. No explinations accepted, no apologies accepted. Well, maybe I'll just suspend you for a little bit if you apologize... It depends on my mood when you violate the rules.
  • Speaking of registrations, I've decided to keep the members list. After all, clearing the list removes the poster's names in the forums and its quite hard to follow a post with a bunch of people with the name "Guests".
  • Avoid trying to use PHPNuke hacks. My site will automatically ban you. After running my custom system for 7 months, there has been ZERO, yes ZERO false positives. You fuck up, you get fucked. Plain and simple...

Oh, and if you damn cut-n-paste script kiddies decide to read the sites you want to "own", go elsewhere. Save your "precious" time attacking other targets who are not patched so you can get your 1337 points for your l337 CTRL+C & CTRL+v H4><. Take a look at my killboard. Great isnt it? Who cares if I get your proxy... That just means that there is one less asshole for you to come out of.

So without further adieu, welcome to MGCJerry's Junkyard...

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  Moving once again      
Posted by: GM-Alex on Oct 7, 2004 @ 21:56 EDT
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First off, how about some news from the fronts and a long awaited update.

First. You may have noticed that I virtually disappeared off the face of the planet. This is because I got a job at a local hotel. It isnt much, but its paying the bills, and now keeping the site up. I'm finally getting everything situated and I'd like to get some stuff going again. Most notably, 2 The Xtreme.

Second, as you have noticed, I removed the banner up top so that can only mean one thing. Were off sponsored hosting. :) However, the google ads will remain in the forums.

Gmail, Gmail, Gmail... As I'm sure you heard, gmail is raping the other free mail servies and I'm sure you'd like to be a part of gmail. I have a gmail account, and the email shouldnt be hard to guess, but I have some invites to give away if you want one. You can either post a comment on this news story, or prferrably in this topic in the forums.

Finally, it appears that I will once again be moving to a new place. I'll be without net access for a few days and possibly over a week till I get everything up and running over at the new place. The only thing available there is 56k.

There is the looooong awaited update. Nope, I'm not dead yet.

PS:When I return online from moving, I'm hoping to release PHPNuke ErrorDocs V2. It was going to be a for sale script, but I decided against it so it'll be free.

UPDATE : October 14, 2004
Tomorrow at about noon, I will no longer have net access, however I just found out there is high-speed internet available at the new place, and I'll be back online on the 26th. Yippie!

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  Upgrade this site?      
Posted by: GM-Alex on Jun 7, 2004 @ 00:45 EDT
Last Edited: Never
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I got my hands on a copy of PHP-Nuke 7.3, and I find it pretty nice as well it also has some bugs fixed it and has some more useful features.

Some of you know we currently use a custom version of 5.5 and 5.6 core's code and database structure so we are limited on the items we can use. If we upgrade to the new version we can use some more addons and goodies. Theres a quite a list of changes.

The good news is we wont lose anything, but the site will be offline for awhile while I do the upgrade because I have to do quite a bit of it by hand.

So, any comments, thoughts or whatever? If you have concerns, you can post a comment, or you can post here in the forums.

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  Changed Homepage      
Posted by: GM-Alex on Jun 2, 2004 @ 21:34 EDT
Last Edited: Never
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Yup, I changed the main page again.

I'm assuming you want to know what the hell is going on. I'm changing that main page so it will be out of commission for several days. Here are some updates...

  • Changed Mainpage due to previous one needs editing.
  • Added some security code. No more SQL injections kiddies.
  • Edited CCServer Code. New CC numbers will follow the Luhn Mod 10 Formula.
  • Started coding on the new Races Module. 2 Versions will be available. A free one, and an "enhacned" one.
  • Started offering install services for nuke and phpbb. See my post here for rates and more info.
  • Did some datetime() function editing. Notice that our news stories finally show the year it was posted.
  • More core code changes. Notice the better load times. This was originally installed a few weeks ago, and has been undergoing more tweaking.

Thats it for now...

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  Backend Site Changes      
Posted by: GM-Alex on Mar 29, 2004 @ 11:56 EST
Last Edited: Never
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I have done a quick database change, and while I believe the site is working fine, if you encounter any errors or features not working as they should please let me know. :)

Technical Notes:
With the prevelance of cut-n-paste script kiddies running around Google trying to execure all kinds of SQL union exploits to deface various sites I had to take an extra precaution with the database. I had to rename the table prefix to something else. Stupid me, I should have changed it 2 years ago.

Note to cut-n-paste script kiddies:
Regardless, the union exploits will not work here as well as other SQL injections. Don't waste your time or mine. Find something else to do.

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