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  Game Cancelled Temporarily      
Posted by: GM-Alex on Aug 17, 2002 @ 23:50 EDT
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Temporarily Cancelled

Because of computer failure, the game has been cancelled till further notice... I no longer have my files accessable by other computers

Figures huh? The game gets good then shit happens...

Remember this is only temporary!

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  Junkmail rant      
Posted by: GM-Alex on Aug 17, 2002 @ 07:40 EDT
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Ok... I'm fed up with getting emails from trafficmagent, and other such "companies" that like taking screenshots of sites and sending them in email to me...

If you are on my site to archive a picture of it and email your 500,000 search engine and directory service, here's my response: FUCK YOU . If I wanted to submit to 500,000 search engines and directories, I'd save money and do it myself just like I have since 2000. Google, Yahoo, and Alta-vista are the only search engines I consider important. As far as directories, I only submit in the proper directories and sites. So those other 499,990 others you have, you can save them for people who want them.


Thanks and have a nice day.
Webmaster MGCJerry

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  No Longer Accepting Players      
Posted by: GM-Alex on Aug 2, 2002 @ 06:03 EDT
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We are no longer accepting anymore players for awhile...

We will now "start" the full campaign once all players are comfortable with the system. So be sure to read the Game Logs to find out whats going on and to read up on our progress. Also, I have delayed making character portraits and will resume once the game picks up and I have more time to work on them.

On another note, I have a job interview today, and I hope all goes well... If I get hired, hopefully I wont have to change the current schedule. The game will begin at 7 PM CST (8 PM EST), but you will find me in the lobby with the necessary materials. Also, we will no longer allow lurkers for the next several sessions and once the players are comfortable lurkers will be allowed. To get the password to get into the game room you can login at the Members Area and get it once its posted. Only players will have access to the Members Area so registering on the site will not grant you access to the Members Area.

Also on another note, I will be running OpenRPG 1.2.1 and I will not require an upgrade unless the game becomes dependent on maps. If you want to mess with some of the advanced aspects of 2 The Xtreme (such as plotting and tactical layouts), it is recommended getting the OpenRPG 1.2.x series. For regualar players, for stability purposes you'll be required to have at least 1.0.3.

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  Helping out at      
Posted by: GM-Alex on Jul 11, 2002 @ 22:32 EDT
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In case you haven't heard the news, I'm helping Chris out with the new OpenRPG site. I will probably be responsible for general administration and such. I'll also probably be doing some programming work for the site like some generators and such.

Now, about our site...

First off. I Fixed the forum... Finally!!!! I was told by users that the forum was not showing up (but oddly it shown up on my box), and I decided to finally get a more in-depth look and found the issue. The issue was resolved and now the forum is now functional. You can visit the forums here. Now its about time to liven it up .

  • Edited some code for the Web Links... The categories are now more organised.
  • Changed some graphics in the Web links
  • Cleaned up some more messy code in the main files.
  • Finally released the Child Generator out of beta... You can see it here.
  • Started working on our "Credit Card Processor" that will allow you to purchase items from the store. You can vew the list here and add users here. Obviously, these accounts are bogus.
  • Finally made a script that will automatically randomize all 2 The Xtreme Skills. It will be part of a character creation suite for 2 The Xtreme. It can be seen here. This script is not currently civilization based.
  • Made another script that will be present in the Character Creation Suite. The script will tell you how many points you have to distribute among your attributes. This one is civilization based. You can see it here.

As you can see, I've been doing a lot of programming work because I believe this is something I want to become my main job. I like programming in php/MySQL. I will be working on 2 major projects. The "important" one is the Character Creation Suite. It will be all automated. No more need for researching something as it will have all necessary info. The other project is the Credit Card Server. At first, the CC Server was going to be extensive, but I decided not to make it too complex as all it will really need, is the ability to bill your character's account. I'm also helping out Chris with the OpenRPG site.

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  Artists Against Piracy Day      
Posted by: GM-Alex on Jun 18, 2002 @ 12:18 EDT
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I've decided I'm gonig to participate in the 2nd annual Artists Against Piracy Day, on July 1, 2002 started by the Poser Forum Online (pfo). A week before it starts, I'm going to activate the block with the banner and a link, but if you're curious here is the link.

You're prolly wondering why in the hell am I participating in an "Artists Against Piracy" day... Well, in case you haven't looked, I have a gallery and I DO NOT support piracy. Besides you prolly don't need to worry about the HIGHLY INSANE prices on 3d programs and models and unfortunately, I do because I BUY the stuff...I have seen many good people quit sharing thier models, products, etc for commercial usage. Morphworld is a good example, he got sick of people illegally using his morphs in commercial products, and he temporarily shut down his site. Itd back up now but you cannot use *any* of his stuff commercially, and were lucky he even re-opened his site. I never really understood the "Starving Artist" clich? until I got into the 3d community. Slave away to do good work then, get screwed... How would you feel?

I'm done ranting on this issue for now, but "Stop the theft, Work for your tools. Don't steal them."

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